What would you like?

We have always tried to be accommodating, so when people have come to us with an idea or a concept, we have delivered. Projects include graphic design from packaging to signage, logos, full branding solutions, even tattoos. Multiple media projects from PowerPoint, Flash and Shockwave, to digital video and audio productions. Works have been created in two and three dimensions and maybe someday the forth also [wink - wink]. Brochures, magazines, annual reports and photo albums...do I need to keep going?.

Here are some recent web projects:

Some Recent Projects Development/Maintained in Partnership

  • Thin Air Media(Grand Junction, Colorado)
  • Denver Website Designs(Denver, Colorado)
  • Aspen Pet(Denver, Colorado)
  • Quality Rail Services - Hawkeye (Golden, CO)
  • Cooper Tea - Swahili Translator
  • GE Johnson, Inc. (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • eWork Markets (Denver, CO)

Some past projects:

  • InfoIowa Conference - Ads, Posters, Shockwave video projected awards presentation
  • Enock Inc - 3d modeling for video presentation
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl. - intranet build of international marketing manual
  • Des Moines Blank Park Zoo - Zoo Tracks Newsletter, fundraising campaign pieces
  • Iowa Public Television - Streaming video for college wrestling
  • RightLoan Corp. - Corporate Identity, Subscription based website for mortgage brokers
  • Air-Grid Networks - Corporate website, Marketing Video production, streaming media networking, DVD production
  • Freese-Notis Weather Service - Marketing brochure
  • Motorcycle Dealers of North America - Corporate identity, website, online forums
  • TAG - Corporate Identity, Marketing Brochures
  • Meredith Publishing - web layout for magazine sites and Ford

This is just a sampling of projects. To see what we can really do, just ask!

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